Saturday Fall League —start date   September 10, 2016

FEE : $ 450 .00 ( before the starts of season ) ( All of the league’s FEE must be paid by 2nd week of season)

UMPIRE’S FEE : $ 80.00 per doubleheader – ( Two Umpires ) -Playable at field , before game.

All teams MUST paid the umpires for games played , including Playoffs.

ANY QUESTIONS CALL: (917) 295-7655

TEAMS : There will be anywhere from ( 8) to (12) teams. Amount of teams will be known before the start of season. Each team will play 14 games , weather permitting !

ROSTER : ( 22 ) Man Roster . Player is required to play at least (9) games to qualify

for playoffs. Pitchers are required to pitch at least ( 7 ) games to qualify.

SCHEDULE : Will be posted on Website : ( BRONXSTARS.COM )

( 14 ) Game Season plus playoffs – (7) weeks season with doubleheaders. WEATHER PERMITTING

PITCH : The PITCH for this league will be LOB. a

PLAYOFFS : All Playoffs games will be (2) out of (3) . Depending on how many teams we will be playing with will determine the playoff format .

PLAYOFF FORMAT : Depending on how many teams will determine playoff format ::

If (6) six teams : Top (4) four teams make the playoffs – NO BYE

If (7) seven teams : Top (4) four teams make the playoffs – NO BYE

If (8) or more : Top (6) six teams make playoff – 3rd thru 6th (1 game elimination) then play 1st & 2nd

If (10 ) or more : Top (6) six team make playoffs – 3rd thru 6th (1 game elimination) then play 1st & 2nd

GAME TIME : Game time will vary from as early as 9:00 am thru 2:00 pm .

FIELD : We will be using Pelham Park. (Grass Field)

RAINOUTS : In an event of rain the night before it does not mean that games are cancel.

All teams are to call (718) 303-4336 for updates and are to follow instructions. : In an event of forecast of possible rain on the day of schedule game. Teams are expected to come to field and a decision will be rendered at field by umpire. If a team does not have (9) players to start game within the forfeit time allowed of (15) minutes they will be subject to forfeit said game(s).

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For rainout info,
please call:

If Rainout is not called, you must show up!


Wilfredo Gonzalez

"My commitment to provide all the participants a  fair and organized softball league."

League Commissioner Wilfredo (Freddy) Gonzalez