2017 SATURDAY  Fall League
Those interested in joining this Fall league you should know the following: The league fee is  Plus $80 Forfeiture Fee ( Returnable if no forfeits) .  I won’t know how many teams exactly until end of August. I am accepting teams as a first come, first serve. What is first come? Teams that come up with the full amount of league fee are considered first. Any NEW teams: if you intend on joining this league all of the league fee plus the forfeiture fee ( 80 ) is REQUIRED in order to be considered by the end of August 2017. I will continue accepting teams up to a week before the league starts. For the new team don’t bother to meet up with me unless you can leave a deposit of at least  just to hold you a slot and then the full amount of league fee with the forfeiture fee is expected to be paid in full before your first scheduled game. There is no formal meetings to discuss the league. All you need to know is listed on this website. Copy the rules and regulation and if you need further explanation feel free to contact me.


( LOB -Pitch  Pitching )
Saturday Fall League —start date September 9, 2017

FEE : $450.00 ( At least  MUST be paid before the starts of season )

( All of the league’s FEE must be paid by 3rd week of season)
UMPIRE’S FEE : $ 80.00 per doubleheader – ( Two Umpires ) -Playable at field , before game.

All teams MUST paid the umpires for games played , including Playoffs.

ANY QUESTIONS CALL: (917) 295-7655
ROSTER : ( 22 ) Man Roster . Player is required to play at least (6) games to qualify for playoffs. Pitchers are required to pitch at least (6) games to qualify.
SCHEDULE : Will be posted on Website : ( BRONXSTARS.COM )

GAMES : ( 14 ) Game Season plus playoffs – (7) weeks season with doubleheaders
PITCH : The PITCH for this league will be LOB-Pitch
PLAYOFFS : All Playoffs games will be (2) out of (3) . Depending on how many teams we will be playing with will determine the playoff format .

PLAYOFF FORMAT : Depending on how many teams will determine playoff format :::

CASH PRIZE : Need a minimum of 12 teams to pay out .  Anything less than 10 teams – One winner take all

GAME TIME : Game time will vary from as early as 9:00 am thru 2:00 pm . THERE WILL BE NO PREFER TIME!
FIELD : Pelham Bay(Grass Field)
RAINOUTS : In an event of rain the night before it does not mean that games are cancel.

All teams are to call (718) 303-4336 for updates and are to follow instructions. : In an event of forecast of possible rain on the day of schedule game. Teams are expected to come to field and a decision will be rendered at field by umpire. If a team does not have (9) players to start game within the forfeit time allowed of (15) minutes they will be subject to forfeit said game(s).


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For rainout info,
please call:

If Rainout is not called, you must show up!


Wilfredo Gonzalez

"My commitment to provide all the participants a  fair and organized softball league."

League Commissioner Wilfredo (Freddy) Gonzalez